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Shanty Talk
Breaking News : Steve McGuinnes President of the District Council driving a Distric Council automobile(D.U.I.) paid for by the membership,ran out of fuel inside the eastbound tube of the Mid-Town Tunnel. After calls to his key ace Eamon (the Bishop) Carey went un answered Steve called the D.C. Security who left there post Unattended to bring  (Buckethead) Fuel.Where is the I.G. Office on this?????

Its seems that Steve McGuinnes was overcome with the knowlegde of his phone and the phone of our political Director and drinking buddy of the bucket ,68yr dan Walcott whos been on the memberships dime long enough,being subpoenaed by the Justice Department for donations to Mayor Bill  DiBlasio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theres more to come from this saga !!!!! also Steve Congrats on Your Super delegate nomination at The Democratic National Convention $$$$$$$$$$$$ The Memberships !!!