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Both the UBC International (as the certified bargaining representative under the receivership imposed) and the Building Trades Employers Association (BTEA) are required to Negotiate in Good Faith, as opposed to the "Bad Faith" BTEA 26-Point Plan aimed at the imposition of a 25% Wage & Benefit Reduction to UBC Rank & File members.

Frank Spencers words relative to his rally comments (UBC propaganda / puff piece) ring hollow with regard to transparency and actual Union Democracy without immediate restoration of the Right to Vote in Local & District Council Elections, as required by the NLRA Preamble (qualified to "by Workers"), NLRA Sec. 7 (qualified to "Employees") per the defined meaning of "REPRESENTATIVE" as used in the NLRA AS THE "individual".

An International Unions imposition of a Trusteeship/Receivership imposes stricter duties upon the parent Organization regarding protection of Worker Rights, not lesser duties as Doug McCarron, Frank Spencer and/or Judge Conboy would have you believe.

Representative of their own choosing as defined by the NLRA preamble & section 7 rights, clearly & unequivocally require and demand that rank & file members have a Seat at the Table for any & all Contract Negotiations.

Frank Spencer thus has a duty to furnish & publish the UBC Internationals initial contract proposals and post same on the NYCDCC website, or issue a direct mailing to all NYCDCC rank & file to insure that the UBC International is not in bed with the Contractor Association and will thus not execute a new Contract and impose a fait accompli upon the rank & file members without any legitimate and well documented Evidence (a paper trail) of actual negotiation taking place.

RO Walsh, you have a duty as the Supervising Officer of the Federal Court and Attorney sworn to uphold the law(s) as written, to ensure that the UBC International publishes all work product in these Negotiations and to see to it that any UBC member has the right to review all Documentation.

Failing to do so would be to impart further injustice to the rank & file UBC workers/employees and would be prima-facie evidence of a willful & wanton violation of rights guaranteed to them by the National Labor Relations Act.

Once the UBC International & the BTEA arrive at an actual impasse; and/or come to an agreement on a "proposed Contract", you have a further duty to see to it as the Review Officer that the rank & file take a Ratification Vote, either yeah or nay on said Contract Proposal.

This will in great part be your defining moment as the Court Appointed Review Officer.

Will you stand with the UBC Brothers & Sisters in this regard and will you enforce the NLRA and the 1947 & 1959 amendments as written and defined by law, or will you turn away & stand with the good ole boys network of lawyers & judges cutting back room deals in violation of working Americans guaranteed Federal Labor Law Rights?