AmalgaSCAM Must Answer To This Before The Vote

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AmalgaSCAM Must Answer To This Before The Vote

1>>>>> Please explain the LM-1 signed by Biscegli as President and John Holt as Business Manager and the Constitution posted on the District Council website. 2. Is that union or Constitution what we are voting for? and if not, 3. Will that that Union or Constitution have any influence on the "Dockbuilders" of the Amalgamated Carpenters and Joiners? 4. Has Amalgamated submitted documents or a constitution and by-laws to the DOL or the NLRB on behalf of Amalgamated Dockbuilder and can you produce it? 5. After all the meetings and discussions why did Biscegle and Holt fail to mention they had already started a union and had a constitution? 6. What else are they hiding from the members? 2>>>>>>>> They have a whole lot nothing on thier website. They don't address any of the most important issues that would be detrimental to the starting and survival of a new union. I cannot vote yes in good faith just because I hate McCarron without answers to these questions UPFRONT.... Pensions? 401Ks? Lifetime Medical For Retirees? Medical Plan? AnnuityPlan? Vacation Plan? Job Security? Political Action? Training Center for Journeymen and Apprentices? Wages/Collective Bargaining Agreement? What about dues and assesments to fund and operate the new Union? What about affiliations with the Building Trades, AFL-CIO and IUPAT? I AM VOTING NO IF THIER IS NO LONG TERM VISION FOR THIS NEW UNION. AT LEAST NOW I KNOW MY FAMILIES FUTURE. WE NEED ANSWERS BEFORE THE VOTE OR AMALGAMATED WILL LOSE. This website is filled with Propaganda and Lies but Lacks Answers, Facts and most of all the Truth NO ANSWERS==NO VOTE WHEN READING THE REPLIES TO THIS POST TAKE NOTICE THE AMALGALIARS WILL NOT DIRECTLY ANSWER ANY OF THE QUESTIONS I POSED TO THEM........THEY WILL REPLY WITH HATRED, PROPAGANDA AND LIES ! ! ! DEMAND ANSWERS--------DEMAND FACTS-------DEMAND TRUTH>>>>>>>> 3. ANSWER TO THIS AmalgsSCAM >>>>>> This plan all began with Joe Olivarie, Angelo Bisceglie and IUPAT in March of 2010 after the trusteeship started. It all started with a $5000 donation to the Association of Wall and Ceiling by IUPAT in March 2010. This can be found on the IUPAT 2010 LM-2 Report(file #000-035)(Name and Address (A) ASSOC OF WALL-CEILING & CARPENTRY INDUS. NY INC 25 JERICHO TURNPIKE JERICHO NY 11753...Type or Classification (B) LABOR UNION Purpose Total Itemized Transactions $5,000 Total Non-Itemized Transactions $0 Total of All Transactions $5,000 13TH ANNUAL SPRING DINNER/DANCE 03/30/2010 $5,000) From there they planned to use this Amalgamated scam to drive down the prices in the drywall industry and to try to scare the NYCDCC into signing a contract with 20% paycuts. That is why they filed the LM-1, one month before the contracts expired. The Dockbuilders were not even part of the plan at that point. Then the shit hit the fan with the Harkins and the Dockbuilders were dissolved they saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of the disenfranchised members and push this to an NLRB vote. With the help of the Harkins and others they got the process started With the"Dockbuilders" of the Amalgamated Carpenters and Joiners scam to win an NLRB election. They fed on the Dockbuilders need for thier own identity and hatred of McCarron and led them to believe it was thier own movement. All along this has been a movement by the Wall and Ceiling, corrupt union officials and the Genovese Crime family. A Question To Be Asked.... With all these Dockbuilders meetings taking place WHY DIDN"T BISCEGLIE AND HOLT MENTION THEY FILED AN LM-1 AND HAD ACTUALLY ALREADY STARTED A UNION?????? Wake up Dockbuilders before it's to late.... YOU ARE GETTING AmalgaSCAMMED.
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Re: AmalgaSCAM Must Answer To This Before The Vote

It's pretty funny that someone supporting the UBC/NYCDCC would have the nuts to call anything propaganda when that's all the UBC/NYCDCC knows how to produce! The site contains only FACTS and direct HONEST responses to the ridiculous, repetitive and moronic accusations of the UBC/NYCDCC. The UBC and their bag-men seem to think that members are as stupid as they are, they think the members are pussies and will believe anything the NYCDCC repeats over and over as if it were true.
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Re: AmalgaSCAM Must Answer To This Before The Vote

Like I said AlmagaSCUM did not answer a single question I posed.  Everything on your website may be the truth.....The problem is that there is nothing on the website concerning the serious issues.
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Re: AmalgaSCAM Must Answer To This Before The Vote

In reply to this post by AFFR
Solid facts:

The pension fund is 82% funded and rock solid. Our money has been invested wisely!
We enjoy retirement @ 55 yrs. of age.
We have a solid annuity which the members can borrow from and manage directly themselves.
We can now vote on our contracts.
We enjoy a great medical plan.
We enjoy quarterly vacation checks.
As a District Council Dockbuilder you have...
$125 dollar a week supplemental unemployment benefit.
$2000 dollar a month disability insurance plan.
As a District Council Dockbuilder you have a death benefit.
We have not given back a penny in previously negotiated G.C.A. contracts.
(McCarron gave back the $2.13)
We have a consent decree that protects our jurisdiction from Doug McCarron.
We have a Est. President and Vice President elected by the membership.
We have a Est. President and Vice President that have fought McCarron. 
We have a outstanding apprenticeship and journeyman school.
We now have full disclosure of expenditures.
We are over twenty thousand people strong! (think strike) That's power.
Fact: Mandatory drug testing for all District council employees.
Fact: RO officer Walsh's second interim report! 
Fact: A house divided is a house conquered!

Fact: The Amalgamated union has no benefit funds in place.
No pension plan.
No welfare plan.
No apprenticeship.
No union Hall.
No annuity.
No Vacation.
No money.
No journeyman school.
No guaranteed retirement age.
Fact: You will pay a higher assessment with Amalgamated. See Lm-1 report page 29
Fact: You are going to pay for Executive Boards spouce's vacations. See Lm-1 report page 31
Fact: As an Amalgamated officer you can hold two paid positions. See Lm-1 report page 8
Fact: Amalgamated democracy is a half truth, APPOINTMENTS will be made by the Executive Board along with salary and compensation. See Lm-1 report page 15 

The corner stone of our decision should be based on facts. Not the propaganda being spread by either side. Amalgamated.... Never has so much been promised by so few in so little time.

As for the lawyers propaganda.... Well he is just that a lawyer. It is up to a court to interpret the law.

FACT: All the benefits listed above that we enjoy with the District Council of Carpenters are in jeopardy!

FACT: Any loss of market share hurts the benefit funds, members and their families.

FACT: Two separate carpenter unions working in the same jurisdiction on the same job sites is going to create a discord amongst the work force. No one could possibly benefit from the impending chaos that will ensue if you vote Amalgamated.