3/14 - Delegate Body Votes through 3 types of PLA's

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3/14 - Delegate Body Votes through 3 types of PLA's

The delegate body voted through three types of PLA's towards the end of a five hour meeting on Wednesday night (half of the attending delegates had already left.)
The pitch:

1. Public Works PLA Project

(Prevailing wage City, State & Federal) The Contractor and Subcontractors are bound to this agreement and terms of the Local Collective Bargaining Agreement (otherwise known as Schedule "A"

100% Building Trades on Projects

Some Conditions
- Union Referrals (Job Referral System "OWL")
- 8 hour day
- 8 standard holidays


2. Economic Recovery

Project Labor Agreement is based on economic downturn on construction in NYC.
"To promote cost efficient, safe, quality, timely completion of certain construction work.

Some Conditions
- Work Rule Conditions
- 8 hour work day
- Flex start time
- 10 minute coffee breaks
- And additional job condition give backs
- A $7.54 monetary give back

Presented to Building Trades and Associations

Used for Private, Commercial Build-Out and Institutional

* Terms and Conditions worth money to carpenters as give back.
   (Approx. 10% -- 11 1/2%)


Core PLA will be adjusted with Terms and Conditions

-- Carpenters Code of Excellence (Safe Practices)

3. Manhattan Residential & Hospitality (New)

* 20% Reduction

- Article II, Section 1(b) -- The signatory Unions shall adjust their Schedule "A" Agreements to provide for the equivalent of a twenty (20%) twenty percent reduction in payroll cost attributable to the wage and benefit rates for the trade. This reduction may be accomplished by any lawful method including, but not limited to, direct payroll reductions, targeting efforts in accordance with existing targeting programs, work rule adjustments, apprentice ratios, and/or the provisions of Article 6, Section 2 (Temporary Services) of this Agreement, or any combination thereof, within the Union's sole discretion.

 NYC & Vicinity District Council Propose B12A Reduction

Terms & Conditions Concessions & Carpenters Code of Excellence =
     - 11 1/2%
     - $7.54 per hour wage reduction = 8.9%(Total 20% Reduction)

4. Outer Borough Market Recovery PLA

Article XI, Section 1 -- All employees covered by this Agreement shall be classified in accordance with the work performed and paid eighty percent (80%) of the total hourly wage and fringe benefit package rates for those classifications as specified in the Schedule "A" agreements. This 80% rate applies to the affiliates' rates prior to any adjustments made as part of any prior Project Labor Agreement negotiations and not in addition thereto. The unions, at their sole discretion and with respect to their own local union, will allocate the package rate between wages and Fringes.

* 80% of Total Hourly Wage and Benefits

      Terms and Conditions

     -- Total Deduction of $17.01 taken from Carpenters

   * New Proposal by NYC Vicinity & District Council to be looked at.*

No projects Currently Pending. Projects 2009 Definitely Going Bed.

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Re: 3/14 - Delegate Body Votes through 3 types of PLA's

this was approved by the delegates ?
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Re: 3/14 - Delegate Body Votes through 3 types of PLA's